Welcome Soul 


“ I meditate on the spiritual effulgence of that adorable light,

the ultimate reality, source of the universe

and the three worlds of physical, astral, and the subtle planes-

who is worthy of praise.


Unveil to me the face of the true spiritual sun,

the supreme Self,

who appears through a disc of golden light.


May that Divine Being bless me,

purify and illuminate my intellect,

guide my soul,

and open my inner eye of wisdom,

that I may realise

the ultimate truth.”


Essence Energetics, situated in the heart of Diep River,

Cape Town offers transformational energy healing, original spiritual workshops and metaphysical counseling. 


We create vibrationally charged meditations for healing and contemplative work.


We design, create and collect the finest of spiritual products to assist one on the spiritual path.


Please use the menu bar to explore energy healing sessions, space clearing, meditation downloads and our original handmade spiritual tools in our online shop called the Soul Souk.

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