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Essence Energetics, situated in the heart of Diep River,

Cape Town offers transformational aura healing, original spiritual workshops and metaphysical counseling. 

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We design, create and collect the finest of spiritual products to assist one on the spiritual path.

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We create vibrationally charged meditations for healing and contemplative work.

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Please use the menu bar to explore energy healing sessions, space clearing, meditation downloads and our original handmade spiritual tools in our online shop called the Souk.

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The Souk

Souq (plural souqs) A street market, particularly in Middle Eastern and North African countries; a place where people buy and sell artisan goods, spices and tempting delights.
Synonyms: bazaar, market, street market, emporium.


In many ancient cultures the word Souk is used to describe the place where you can buy, exotic artisanal products like carpets, fabrics, lamps, jewellery, incense and spices.  What most souks have in common is that products are made by artisans who have been working in family lineages for centuries, producing beautiful handcrafted products for their own homes but also for the marketplace. Our online Souk (shop) is a collection of handcrafted products curated and designed by EssenceEnergetics.


"We only sell what we love and use ourselves"