The Art Souk

Berto Voigt

Born in Cape Town, South Africa

Lives & works in Cape Town, SA


Self-taught Artist Berto Voigt explores the interesting dynamic between light, colour and texture. Most of his works are mixed media using acrylic paints, oils, watercolours and resins to create moody pieces that creates a vibrant, colourful statement in any space.




Berto Voigt is an autodidact (self-taught) artist living in Cape Town, South Africa. Berto has developed a technique based on energy alchemy. He uses acrylics, oils, resins and gold leaf mixed in harmonious ways with different media to create unique, vibrant, bright and energetic artworks. 


My only rule with my type of art is that there are no rules




I never have an exact image in mind, I usually let the colours and shapes guide me into form. Sometimes using images received in deep meditation,  I let the energy flow into the different colours, creating paintings to uplift, inspire and infuse a space with vibrancy and happiness. I create from a space of pure intuition and have found over the years that if I think about what I am doing, usually the colours turn dull and lifeless. So I only create when I am in a happy space. There are always shapes, figures and beings hidden in my paintings, some appear at will, others I find and accentuate. My artwork moves from abstract expressionism to fantasy landscapes inspired by nature. Some people see aquatic creatures, cosmic dancers, nebulas, or sometimes images with spiritual connotations.




I use many different techniques learned over years of experimenting with different mediums. At the moment my fascination is with the glass-like qualities of resins. 





I have 25 years experience in the Arts and Ceramics industry, I  previously owned four shops and supplied many clients with my artisanal goods. My initial interest was ceramics and mould making and my paintings quite often are compared to glazed ceramics.





“If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.”  Marc Chagall


The main theme in all my artworks is always centred around colour and the mood or emotion that it creates in a space. I go through fazes of colour where all my works take on a hue of a particular colour and for this reason, I decided to build my website around the different hues, tones and values of colour.  Presently I am still in my blue faze and this has lasted since I visited Morocco a couple of years ago. Blue has always been my favourite colour but the deepness of it has changed over the years. At the moment the fresher tones of turquoise, teal and aqua are more my inspiration. Vibrant coral and magentas also decided to come and visit. As an energy healer, I often see before I think, so quite often I see colours in meditation and then get inspired to use them in my artworks. I almost feel that my paintings sometimes make real what is unreal, they make the un-manifest, manifest. The process of creating art has taught me to completely let go of pre-conceived ideas.


My paintings in your home:


My paintings are designed to inspire a positive energy flow in a space. They are infused with prayer, affirmation and the uplifting vibration of colour.


Spatial Empath:


Since I can recall I had this ability to sense or feel a space. I tune into the energy of a space but also how it makes one feel. Art for me, like fresh flowers, uplifts and harmonies stagnate energies. Over the years I have developed and fine-tuned this ability to help people to create vibrant energetic spaces in their homes or offices. Sometimes I help clients create a space with a specific purpose and we use colour to stabilise this purpose. For instance, yellow can help with concentration and memory, green will uplift and refresh and blue can create calmness and contemplation. Part of my work these days is based around clearing spaces of clutter and creating the most energetic stable space for work or play. 


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