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Chakra: Base

The base chakra connects us to the earth energy and to our physical bodies. By being totally present we will attract health, prosperity and security.  

My tribe


The base chakra spiritually and physically is the most important chakra in the energy body. Through the ages and also through the awakening of spiritual movements, most emphasis has been focussed on the crown chakra, but what this is doing is leaving people spacey. My approach to working with the base chakra is more physical, maybe a bit metaphysical and also just practical.

If your house is not built on a strong foundation then everything built on top will become unstable. 


The base chakra when balanced makes us strong in our bodies. It focuses the earth energy at the bottom of the spine and it pushes us to stand upright. It makes us present in the physical body. If the base chakra is damaged or one is leaking energy you will feel scattered, wobbly and a bit scatty brain. When we are not present in our body we will be moved along the energy currents without having a strong footing, we will become part of the drama.


According to Caroline Myss, the problem with the base chakra are the beliefs of the tribe. What this means practically is that we all carry a whole lot of outdated beliefs in our bodies influencing the decisions that are not ours. For instance, if you grew up in a very religious home and you then decide to explore Buddhism, you will step out of the confines of the tribe. You will be frowned upon and pretty much be alone on your journey. This is just one example of the power of the tribe. The tribe has personal rules in its own family dynamic and then bigger universal rules outside themselves that they follow. 


Then the question is why would we choose such limiting energy?


  • it makes us feel that we belong

  • it makes us feel safe

  • it gives a connection point to the tribe

  • It makes you feel you are a part of something bigger


This buying into the beliefs of the tribe stems from the first 9 months when you take life in your mom’s womb. Whatever your mom is going through energetically, you go through and believe it to be yours. After birth, the energy gets affirmed through ritual and repetition until it sticks in your subconscious and becomes part of whom you think you are. There was an interesting experiment done on a remote island where the indigenous people never told children what would hurt them. Because there were no beliefs about what hurts, the children didn’t fall down cliffs or burn themselves at the cooking fires. This hurting reality didn’t exist. 


Most programs installed at the base level come from fear patterns. We get pushed into a mold from the fear that the parent is feeling to protect the child. This fear pattern is what creates fear later in life. Most of us have lost our identity as a tribe. If you think about the ancient people they created whole civilizations based on the beliefs, rituals, and purpose of their tribe.


In today’s time, we have lost our identity as being part of a bigger global tribe. We work, go home and isolate ourselves in our houses. In the past, this would have been a shared meal with all the people of the village. For a tribe or energy pattern to work, there has to be a couple of key players. There has to be a bit of structure to make it work. It today’s modern-day living we have taken this to the extreme by having leaders who are not looking after the tribe but only after themselves. 


It the ancient days this leader of the tribe was usually someone chosen for wisdom or warfare, still aspects of the base chakra. Where there was a wise ruler ancient tribes survived, a warfare driven ruler on the other hand will fall.


The Base chakra is about my tribe, my fears, my enemies, my past, my house, my body, my family, my country and my religion.


As you can see because of all the “my” it creates separation. A spiritual aspect of the base chakra would be I AM… an overidentification with the tribe leads to war and bloodshed, interesting that the main colour of the base is red, the same colour as blood.

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Base chakra
base chakra

Healing the base chakra:


  • creative work

  • drumming

  • foot massage

  • hatha yoga

  • healing your relationship

  • with your mother

  • inner child work

  • installing structure and ritual in your life

  • massage- touch therapy

  • past life regression

  • physical activity

  • spending time in nature



  • massage your feet every day; this affirms a strong connection to mother earth

  • clear clutter in your home environment, fix broken things

  • try and resolve family conflicts

  • have an awareness of the body

  • treat yourself to a massage

  • work with the colour red, plant flowers, red foods, wear red or shades of red more often

  • find ways to move the body, running, walking, dancing, training, yoga, pilates.

Base Chakra Affirmations

I am healthy and connected to my physical body.

I attract abundance effortlessly

I listen to the intellegence of my body

I honour my life

I have happy harmonious relationships

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The colour red once was only allowed to be worn by high ranking nobility, priests and royalty. It was very expensive to create red dye and many wars were fought over this colour. Most of the darker reds were usually made from a Spanish insect called kermes which lived on oak trees and the Mexican insect cochineal, which lived on the prickly pear plant.