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Berto Voigt

I have always had a keen interest in what creates happiness in one’s life. Over the years I have explored many scriptures, attended courses, immersed myself in different religious and spiritual philosophies to try and understand and to explore what creates sustained happiness and wellbeing. Have I found the magic equation, the special combination of different modalities or beliefs that creates eternal happiness? No, not as such, but I have discovered many unique ways of activating and sustaining a happy mindset and a happy life. Over twenty years of working with clients in the counselling/healing/bodywork/art therapy environment have taught me shortcuts to find versions of happiness for the individual client. What I have discovered is that my version of happiness might not be the same as yours, or what makes me happy might be different from what makes you happy. I have discovered that each person’s version of happiness is unique and therefore needs an authentic plan of action to uncover, amplify and integrate in one’s life.

This authentic plan of action leads to deep inner-healing and ultimately to a state of bliss. 


So how can I help you to find your own state of bliss?


Energy Clearing:


The universe is made out of different vibrations or frequencies. These frequencies create different experiences that we call life. If the experiences are good or happy then life is good, if some of the experiences are a bit heavy then this can create a life where one feels dissatisfied. The heavy frequencies accumulate in your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions and sometimes your physical body, creating disharmony and sometimes dis-ease(not feeling at ease with oneself or one’s surroundings). The longer the heavier energies reside in your body/mind/thoughts and emotions (from now on referred to as your energy), the more life will stop working for you and you have to work for life. 


I have about 20 years of practical experience to help people to shift these heavy energies or vibes, to live a more fulfilled life. 


The Medicine:


I have developed a course of four initial healing treatments where I use counselling skills (to find the stuck energy patterns), emotional clearing (getting rid of stuck emotional patterns), mind clearing (clearing destructive thought patterns) and finally spiritual clearing (releasing stuck psychic energy).


My focus is always to inspire and empower my clients, gently guiding them to practically change the stuck-ness into freedom.



Who do I work with?


I help sensitive individuals to become more energy robust.

I coach stuck clients to find the unconscious patterns that are sabotaging their growth.

I teach drained/tired individuals how to regain their vital energy and how to participate better with life.

I teach clients how to manage, amplify and direct their energy to achieve their goals.

I provide simple, dynamic energy healing courses to assist individuals who want to learn more about their own energy world.


My training:


Through the years I have focusses my training both on metaphysical sciences and bodywork. To shift the mind and the emotions we also have to shift the physical body. 


I have trained in the following modalities:


Bodywork: Swedish massage, Holistic massage, Thai massage, Hot stone massage, Hawaiian massage, Meridian massage


Healing: SolarAura Healing, Kinesiology, SacralCranium Therapy, Reiki 1,2  Reiki Masters, Ayurvedic Healing, Art Therapy


Counselling: Metaphysics: Bachelor Degree from the University of Sedona, currently busy with Masters and Doctorate.


Art: Colour Therapy and light therapy 



My work experience:


I run a very busy practice with clients from all over the world. I work remotely and in person and achieve the best results, working one-on-one. I sometimes consult via Skype with my international clients. 


I have worked in corporate companies creating change and helping employees find a more mindful approach to doing business. I have worked with boutique hotels, guest houses, manufacturing businesses and shops, working with the staff, the layout of the business to ensure positive energy flow. 


Positive energy flow in any business creates stability and growth 


I have taught workshops all over South Africa and facilitated overseas healing retreats to Egypt, Morocco and Jordan.


My typical Clients:


  • anyone with low energy levels

  • empaths and sensitives

  • entrepreneurs with businesses that are not growing and flowing

  • individuals with energy-related dis-eases

  • corporate clients

  • individuals that feel lost in life or that is going through some form of transition

  • people with a spiritual or wellness mindset

What do I do?


I help clients find balance, happiness and purpose so that they can increase their feelings of wellness and ultimately live a more awake, aware life. My work supports people with diseases, emotional imbalances, busy negative minds and individuals seeking a deeper purpose in life. 

How do I work?

I mostly work intuitively, reading your energy and aura. I facilitate the healing process on a massage plinth where you will be listening to gentle music while I move energy around. Some energy will need clearing, some transforming and others activating. The process is preformed in a dedicated healing space and most clients see and feel amazing energy flowing through their bodies. 



I can assist businesses to work more harmoniously with their staff members and their environment.


Berto is so gifted in so many ways, even with his remote healing work! As a person deeply immersed in energy and healing, sometimes I am dealing with denser energies that are beyond my capacity to handle.  As a person living in a very dense energy field (New York City) these things happen every so often and I don’t even realize what I have picked up. I will try every tool in my toolbox to shift to a lighter energy in myself but sometimes things don’t shift that easily. In these moments, I’ve asked Berto for assistance. There have been moments I felt so down, heavy or completely out of sorts and emerged from the other side of Berto’s remote sessions feeling so much lighter, like a huge weight was lifted off my chest. I had emotional and physical holdings shift so deeply in 24 hours from the work we have done. Sometimes through our work, I’ve discovered that what I was feeling was coming from an attachment or entity that Berto helped me remove from my field. In this process I learn so much about my own energy boundaries and sometimes get such great suggestions on how to strengthen myself. Berto has been such a dear friend and mentor as I have walked down this healing path and I am so grateful for the love, healing and support he offers to this world!


TK, NewYork

















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