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In our busy lives we often eat on the run, we hold onto anger and frustration and we hold onto toxic relationships. By cleansing your body you can give your body time to catch up with itself and return to a state of balance. 


When our bodies are bombarded with unfamiliar toxins, are producing too many toxins, or are not eliminating toxins effectively, the toxins build up and can cause health problems. Then it is time for a cleansing programme – supporting the body’s natural elimination process and preventing the day-to-day buildup of toxic energy. The key to a cleanse is knowledge: understanding the link between feeling super and toxicity - understanding where toxins come from and understanding what you can do to help yourself. 

If you have ulcers, colitis, or have had a colostomy, consult a health practitioner. Do not use this cleanse if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Always consult a licensed medical practitioner if you have any underlying medical conditions before starting this cleanse.

our system:

We have developed a great cleansing programme. This programme combines herbal and fibre supplements with an outline of what foods to eat and what to avoid for the specified time, as well as physical and spiritual support. The cleansing programme can be shared with your partner – enough for both of you. Using herbs, fibre and supplements can be very important to a cleansing program and assist in easing cleanse side-effects. Many herbs facilitate the cleansing program and contribute important vitamins and minerals.  

the bonus stuff:

  • Did you know that you can feel energised in only 9 days.

  • You will have a healthy glow.

  • You will clear anger, frustration and irritation as these emotions get energetically stored in the liver.

  • You will have a calmer, clearer mind.

  • You can clear the boepie from the pudding season.

  • Don’t want to lose the weight (aren’t you the lucky one)!! In this case you can keep boiled eggs and fish in your plan.

  • You will hopefully have started a good daily meditation practice.

  • You will hopefully have started a good daily yoga practice.

what will you receive with this cleanse:

  • A herbal fibre blend to “sweeps” the digestive tract clean and quicken the transit time of waste elimination. It absorbs toxins and escorts them out of the body.

  • A herbal lymphatic release which draws on the centuries-old herbal tradition by providing 12 herbs that have been used around the world for their effects on the cleansing the lymphatic system.

  • An anti-parasitic herbal cleansing product targeted to your intestinal track. When you use this product you feel “cleaner” and in control of your digestive track.

  • A fantastic prebiotic and probiotic supplement that helps balance the good and bad bacteria in the digestive tract.

  • Our easy to use 21-day original cleansing programme with guidelines and some easy recipes to follow.

  • Access to our online meditations.

feedback from our clients:

“Tamar’s cleanse is life-changing. I lost count of how many people commented on how well I looked – and at 50, when you’re feeling pretty saggy and grey, that was all the encouragement I needed to continue. The fact that I felt amazing was an added bonus. The first 3 days is, admittedly, not easy. I thought I’d die of boredom eating another roasted veg and nothing tasted of anything. I craved salty cheese and the cold beers in the fridge called out for me at 6pm. I felt a bit grumpy, constantly hungry and, for the first time in a long while, I seemed obsessed with what and when I was going to eat. But, once I’d invested a bit of time looking up vegan recipes and stocked up on fizzy water, and after the first 3 horrible days had crawled by, I stopped over-thinking it and actually started to enjoy the freshness and simplicity of the food I was eating, ie. not mucked around food, but pure, unadulterated ingredients. Seeing my eyes look brighter in the rear view mirror, my skin shed its greyness, and waking up feeling energised, bright and happy was all the motivation I needed to keep going. In fact, after the 10 days, I felt so good that the idea of putting anything unhealthy back into my body was abhorrent. I simply didn’t want to go back to the old me. I did, however, slowly re-introduce a bit of meat (to keep my iron levels up), the odd beer (to keep my husband and friends happy) and cheese. Surprisingly, despite having never consumed much dairy, cheese was the food group I had missed the most – even more than my beloved beers. Three months on, my attitude to food is noticeably different to what it was pre-cleanse. Now, eating healthily and mindfully doesn’t feel hard at all. Doing Tamar’s cleanse feels like pressing the re-set button on your body. And after a very short while, all you want is to eat what is good for you, what your body needs, and what it wants in order to feel and look amazing.” Carlie

“Considering the various detox programs I have tried and tested, the one you have put together was simultaneously the one I found to be the most effective and the one that presented the least amount of side effects. I feel no desire to look for another one ever again. On the first day I felt flue like symptoms, but by day two these had gone. By the third day I already felt more energized and had no more cravings! In fact I found the thought and sight of all my (previously) favorite desserts and pastries actually off-putting.  And as I started reintroducing food groups to my diet I finally discovered the cause of a food allergy I haven’t been able to pinpoint for years! I highly recommend this detox program for anyone who wants to help their body make a change for the better.” Sue

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