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Hypnotherapy Practitioner's Course

Upon completion of this course, you will be an internationally qualified hypnotherapist who is able to set up your own practice. Starting Date 9 February
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Hypnotherapy Practitioner's Course

Time & Location

09 Feb 2019, 09:30 – 14:00
Essence Cape Town, 17 Sunwood Drive, Tokai, Cape Town, South Africa

About the Event


Shaldon Fitzgerald is a certified hypnotherapist and a graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, with over 10 years of clinical experience. He runs a highly successful practice in Tokai, Cape Town, blending experience, humour, intuition and logic to treat each client as an individual.

Focusing on the role that the mind plays in building a happy, healthy life, Shaldon has helped many people to deal with a wide range of problems, from sexual and relationship issues to bad habits (such as smoking), anxiety, fears and phobias.

The Course

Taking place over 10 months, this comprehensive, practical course combines many of the most effective teaching and therapeutic approaches to hypnosis. Offering students the fullest possible understanding of the subject, it covers certain aspects that, to our knowledge, haven’t been tackled by any other hypnosis course globally.

Upon completion of this course, you will be an internationally qualified hypnotherapist who is able to set up your own practice.



While this course is particularly useful for someone who’s planning to become a hypnotherapist, at least half of our past participants did it purely in the interest of personal growth. Our goal is to help students become either great hypnotherapists who are able to enter this field with confidence and skill, or simply better balanced, more enlightened human beings.


The Hypnotherapy Practitioner’s Course is divided into four blocks, each with a specific focus.

Block 1 focuses on the theory of hypnosis, hypnotic inductions and deepening techniques. Once completed, the student should be able to hypnotise anyone, anywhere.

Block 2 teaches specific hypnotherapeutic interventions, giving the student a powerful set of tools to use in their practice.

Block 3 is unique to this course. Here we focus on generating major hypnotic phenomena – such as amnesia and anaesthesia – within the therapeutic environment, exploring how they are applied therapeutically.

Block 4 is all about understanding the client. This is where good hypnotists become great therapists. Covering a range of analytical techniques – decoding body language, handwriting and micro-facial expressions – this block enables the student to treat each client as an individual, in an integrated and efficient way.

The course is divided into four terms of eight weeks each, with one lecture per week on Saturday mornings (09h30 to 14h00).


Block 1: Hypnosis
1. What is hypnosis and how can you trigger the hypnotic response?
2. Step-by-step instructions on how to hypnotise anyone, using a range of inductions
3. How to test for "hypnotic suggestibility"
4. How to word hypnotic suggestions
5. How to perform shock and instantaneous inductions
6. How to carry out group and self-hypnosis
7. Mesmerisation and non-verbal hypnotic inductions
8. Powerful hypnotic modalities in society

Block 2: Hypnotherapeutic tools
1. Defense mechanisms
2. Dream therapy
3. Fears and phobias
4. Sexual dysfunction
5. Regression therapy (including past life regression)
6. Weight loss and eating disorders
7. Stop smoking and habit control
8. Child hypnosis

Block 3: Advanced hypnotic phenomena
1. Catalepsy
2. Amnesia
3. Generating compulsive behaviour
4. Anesthesia
5. Hallucinations
6. Time distortions
7. Deep state hypnosis / hypnotic coma and beyond
8. Medical hypnosis

Block 4: Hypno-diagnostic tools
1. Mental bank and setting up your practice
2. Hypno-diagnostic tools - A
3. Hypno-diagnostic tools - B
4. Handwriting analysis
5. Micro-facial expressions
6. Body language - 1
7. Body language - 2
8. Examination

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