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Karmic Release Process

Karma Clearing Process An inner journey to create outer balance. Changing your life path through clearing your Karma.
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Karmic Release Process

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Aura Essence, Sherwood Cottage, 18 Avon Rd, Diep River, Cape Town, 7800, South Africa

About the Event

Karmic Release Process

This home study workshop gives you a window to support your journey and to clear a whole lot of energy patterns that are no longer serving your greatest good. I got inspired to create this course to help people to release stuck patterns in their energy bodies. What’s wonderful about this course is that you learn how to find your unconscious patterns that are sabotaging your life. By clearing these stuck patterns, you create space for new wonderful things to enter your life.

What make this work so important?

Practically most of us have probably felt the up and down energy cycles the last couple years which might feel a bit unstable and in turn make us feel emotionally unstable. All of this has to do with fighting our own heaviness(ego) to make space for more lightness. 

We have an opportunity to petition our karmic contracts (the stuck patterns that are sabotaging our lives) and ask for a karmic review from the Masters of light. This means we can ask for guidance, clearing and assistance about how to heal the life patterns that are suppressing our spiritual and physical growth.

If you have noticed an increase in heaviness, intense dreams, repeating patterns from your past, emotional turmoil or just not feeling connected to life then this process can and will support you.

Funny dreams and emotional turmoil

If you are wondering about all the strange dreams, for those that can remember them, it’s an indication that you are working with your past life patterns in the inner worlds. If your emotions are playing see-saw or merry- go- round with your psyche then it can be an indication that you are in a release stage of your spiritual journey.

What is karma?

Karma, is action and inaction. Every action you take will have a consequence, this can be good or bad. Our karma is an accumulation of many lifetimes of expressing energy in different formats. Sometimes this energy, when not balanced in previous lifetimes, can filter through into the present lifetime and we still have to process and balance it. If we are aware of this pattern we will do the necessary work and release ourselves from this continuous pattern. If we are ignorant of this law we will repeat the same cycle lifetime after lifetime. 

What you will learn:

  • You will learn to find your unprocessed karmic patterns.
  • You will learn to surrender them to your Higher Self and I Am presence to be balanced.
  • You will learn how to balance and release stuck energy.
  • Working with your personal healing guides
  • Working with the Masters of Light
  • How to petition to change your soul’s contract

What you will receive:

  • More energy, lightness in heart and mind.
  • Connectedness with fellow travellers on the path.
  • Workshop notes in a PDF format
  • Workshop Petition files to change your contract emailed in a PDF format
  • Past life scan sheets to help you find stuck energetic patterns also in a PDF format
  • Instructions to create a release ritual.

Karmic clearing themes:

  • money problems 
  • relationship problems 
  • work problems 
  • health issues
  • stuck-ness
  • emotional imbalance
  • mental fragmentation
  • purpose

Karma Release Process

As soon as payment is received we will email you your course in a PDF format(3 files)

Email for banking details

Fee: R250

Registration is Closed

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