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This Page will give you access to your:


  • Chakra Course Login page

  • Chakra balancing meditation animation

  • Chakra Quiz

How do I know which kit will work best for me?


How to choose:


  • choose with your eyes, your eyes will be attracted to the colour frequency you need

  • choose intuitively: if you know yourself well, you will intuitively know which chakra needs  attention

  • ask one of our listed specialised aura healers to choose for you.

  • choose with our chakra quiz

  • select one of the icons to start your chakra test.

  • a score higher than 60% indicates balance.

  • a score lower than 50% indicates that the chakra needs assistance.​

  • click on one of the chakra icons below to see the health of your individual chakras

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Ignite your Chakras- Energetic Self-Care in a box


Our Chakra Kits are made to be experienced and enjoyed. Every single item in the  curated box is handmade and chosen for its effectiveness in creating harmony in the chakra system. We have placed our hearts and souls into the creation of these programs, painstakingly testing our processes, our products and our meditations to ensure the ultimate energetic experience for you. We are very proud to present a unique way to create harmony and balance in the individual chakras.


In Ayurveda, the ancient healing art still practiced in India, the seven chakras represents different levels of consciousness. These different states of consciousness can influence our emotional state, our mental state, our physical state and our spiritual states of being. In short the chakras dictate how we feel, how we interact with the world, how healthy we feel and how much energy we have available to perform our daily tasks. Essence Energetics has created a perfect blend of healing elements where we work with sight, smell, sensations, mantras, affirmations and spiritual processes for clearing and activation of the chakra system. To do this most effectively we experimented with working with each chakra individually. We received inspiration and guidance over many months of how to create effective chakra activation programs that ensure results but that are still fun to participate in. Our kit consists of two elements: a physical kit and an online course. We have been working with the chakra system for more than 20 years now, through healing energy, yoga, massage, art therapy, meditation, aromatherapy and crystal therapy. From this experience we created very effective healing short cuts to invite harmony and balance in the individual chakras. 



We have been inspired to create a multi-sensory experience kit where you will learn how to balance a particular chakra that needs attention



As professional metaphysical healers, we have been using the elements in this kit for many years. This curated experience will help you to find balance in your chakra system through:


  • Creating a bath or shower ritual using activated oils and soaps, infused with energising crystals, pure essential aromatherapy oils, healing salts and flowers.


  • A short daily meditation practice that only takes 5 minutes, using guided frequency based music for each chakra. We believe that short and focussed is the key to creating lasting rituals.


  • A visual chakra animation to help stimulate chakra spin and to help to release energetic auric mucus.


  • Mind: a free short chakra lesson available in your login page.


  • Creativity: a free chakra colouring page that can be used to invite more awareness and creativity into your life.


  • Dharma Chakra Mala: a wearable energetic Dharma Mala Bracelet combined with a positive affirmation card  to clear the subconscious beliefs and trauma held in a particular chakra. The idea is to wear your affirmations, every time you see your beautiful bracelet it becomes a reminder to affirm what you want.


  • Meditation Activation Disk: an activated Organite disk to attract the right chakra frequency into your aura. Made with bio-resin, crystals and other magical things. Will help with deepening your meditations and as a bonus it works like an energetic magnet. It pulls heaviness out of the  auric body and aligns you with a clear frequency. We use these tools daily to ensure a happy aura and balanced chakras.


  • Scent: all our products  are scented with chakra aligned activation oils to stimulate chakra balance.


  • Devotion oil: for your dharma bracelet and chakra pressure points. Chart provided on your Login page.


  • Chakra Spray: infused with crystals, activated water and essential oils.




The purpose of this kit is to ignite your chakra energy


What you will receive in each kit:



  • Chakra aura spray- to clear stuck energy

  • Chakra glycerine soap infused with the essential oils best suited to activate the chakra

  • Chakra bliss bath crystal salts with essential oils and scented flowers to invite relaxation

  • Activated Orgonite Meditation Activator

  • Dharma Chakra Mala- to clear subconscious mind patterns

  • Devotion oil aligned with the correct chakra frequency

  • Downloadable chakra lesson

  • Downloadable chakra homework page

  • Login page with more information

  • Access to guided chakra meditation

  • Access to visual chakra animation

  • Access to chakra colouring page

  • Healing process for each chakra

  • Chakra affirmation card


All presented in a beautiful box. All products are hand crafted to ensure energetic purity and resonance. 


Gifting- buy a kit for a friend.


  • A mindful spiritual gift that will invite healing and balance



The Chakra Activation Range:


Base Chakra- this kit will help one to find stability and grounding in life. It will help to activate abundance and prosperity and a healthy vision for the physical body.

Mala: Carnelian, Chinese jasper, Lava and Wood.

Oil: Ylang Ylang, Frankincense


Sacral Chakra Kit: this kit will activate joy,  happiness and creativity

Mala: Tibet Agate, Agate, Rudraksha Seed, Wood

Oil: Geranium, Sweet orange



Solar Plexus Chakra kit: this kit will help one to find inner power and vitality aligned with healthy clear boundaries

Mala: Fluorite, Amazonite, Lava, Wood

Oil: Bergamot, Frankincense


Heart Chakra kit- this kit will help with forgiveness, compassion and letting go of old hurts

Mala: Russian Amazonite, Jade, Green Aventurine, Wood

Oil: Sweet Orange, Jasmin



Throat Chakra kit: this kit will help to establish new and upgraded life patterns, it will help one to find balance and peace through releasing the past.

Mala: Blue Lace Agate, Blue Spot Jasper, Agate, Wood

Oil: Jasmin, Ylang Ylang


Third Eye Chakra Kit: this kit will open up clear intuition and spiritual guidance, it will help to release fears and illusions

Mala: Sodalite, Imperial Jasper, Lava, Wood

Oil: Neroli, Geranium



Crown Chakra Kit: this kit will help with spiritual connections and with surrendering 

Mala: Amethyst, Lavender Jasper, Lava ,Wood

Oil:  Lavender, Rose geranium 

Chakra Login Page

If you have purchased your Chakra Kit then use this Chakra man to login to your Chakra Course page.


Click on the chakra icons.

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Chakra General Information

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