Ignite: Advance Energy Healing

This course will start your journey on becoming a competent aura, chakra and energy healer.


I am Super excited to share this course with you:

I have received the information years ago form a small alien being that lives inside my head(just kidding). Just checking if you are reading and not scrolling. In this course you will activate your full healing potential. If you have been attracted to crystals, silvery turquoise water and having dreams or feelings of fantastical places like Egypt and Atlantis then the course might be aligned with your soul.


Reason why you may be attracted to this course:

-seeking soul’s purpose

-intuitive awakening

-wanting to heal

-wanting a different way of being

-wanting to grow spiritual and intuitive abilities

-wanting to see auras, guides, angels and other energy beings wanting a deeper connection with the earth

-seeking perspective about your life wanting a closer connection with spirit seeking to see the unseen world wanting to help others through healing


What you will learn:

-You will learn various new energy balancing techniques to align your energy to your Highest Source.

-You will learn about different energy vampires and how they manipulate you to get your energy.

-You will learn how to create healing intentions that will help you to reset your subconscious mind while you are asleep

-You will learn how to activate soul’s energy.


Metaphysical things learned in this course:

-Correcting your chakra spin
-Heal and align your Auric Layers

-Activate your Soul-Star chakra

-Activate your Earth-Star chakra

-Activate your Soul-Meridians
Increase your Energy Immunity

-Connect you to your core energy
-Clear energy fragmentation
-Eliminate subconscious sabotage Activating your Crystal Soul Light-Body Clearing attachments


This course forms the foundation to our Healing Modality that we use in our healing practice.


Have you ever thought to yourself?

-I would love to do healing, but I don’t know where to start. I want to shift and heal heavy energies in my life.
-I am interested in mindfulness and meditation.
-I would love to learn how to balance my own energy.

-I am interested in the healing arts.
-I have a feeling I should be doing healing.
--I am tired of going to other therapists and would like to work on myself. I want new self-healing tools.


I would love to be able to support my loved ones and myself through healing. I would love to have a career in the healing arts


Essence has the solution:

-One 2/3 hour lesson per week covering various healing techniques.

-Easy to understand and easy to apply self-healing techniques.

-Clear interactive lessons designed to give maximum practical experience.

-After workshop support and guidance.

-Beautifully created manuals, templates and short hands to make Self-healing fun and interactive.


Why personal Lessons?

-Our personalised healing lessons are designed for students who are serious about learning and are not keen on the distractions that usually occur in a workshop environment.

-The modules are created to ensure the maximum healing potential in a two hour period.

-You will also get homework, some reading research and practical exercises.

-This training course is designed for an individual who want to practice Self-healing and maybe -help others to heal themselves.

-The course is also an introduction to self-healing techniques, awareness, intuitions, protection, energy anatomy and how to create a healing space.

-This course forms the foundation of our aura healing modality called Ignite.


Benefits of one on one healing training:

-one-on-one energy coaching

-more time to explore personal interests

-the teachings will be focussed on your specific needs and interests

-because the lessons are focussed you will learn techniques in 2/3 hours that will usually take a day in a class environment

-the teacher can focus on your unique gifts and talents and teach you to amplify those

-the lessons are practical and interactive in nature, you play while you learn. You will shift core -----belief systems about yourself in every lesson as you delve deeper into the world of energy.

transformation guaranteed!


Healing is an inside job.... B.Voigt


The first four lessons gives an deeper insight into the following:


    learn to see the aura


    learn to sense different energies


    Activating higher chakras


    Activating earth star chakra


    Lifting your vibration


    colour therapy and your soul’s colours


    amplify your intuitive abilities


    meet your energy guides


    how psychic am I really?


    how can I increase my energy levels?


    energy protection


    how can I live an intuitive life?

  • how to create a spiritual ritual to support spiritual growth



On completion of the first 4 lessons there are options available to continue.


The first four lessons: Activation


Lesson 1: Intuition

Intuition bypasses the mind to find your soul’s truth

The general emphasis of this lesson is to determine how your unique intuition works. There are four main intuitive energy lenses which we use to activate intuition. Everyone’s natural psychic skills can be categorised into one or more of these intuitive lenses. When you know your intuitive lens, it makes energy and psychic work a lot more aligned and effortless.



-how to work with your intuition
-how to trust your intuition
-how to use your body as a pendulum psychic energy games to see how you read energy
-practical feedback and confirmation to validate your intuitive findings
-finding your intuitive type
-amplifying your intuition and learning how to trust what you are receiving


Awareness exercises:

-subconscious mind: what is stuck? shifting your energy levels
-mindfulness 1- becoming aware of your senses

-psychometry- reading energy from objects
-emotional intelligence- when is it my emotion, and when does it belong to someone else?

--connection with Higher Self and guides third eye activation



Lesson 2: Colour

You will learn to work with colour and how to sensitise yourself to feeling different vibrations. You will also learn how to start opening up auric sight, you will learn to see aspects of your aura.



-seeing the aura
-feeling different colour vibrations finding your soul ray colours activating deeper levels of intuition -opening your hand chakras
-finding your soul type
-healing gaps and holes in your aura Life purpose rays

-Protection and aura work. How to see more, understand more and balance your energy. How to -read and scan energy (pendulum work, body scanning, cards).




Lesson 3: The Aura



-scanning your aura
-measuring the layers of the aura
-fixing the layers of your aura
-clearing stuck patterns from your ancestors
-mindfulness 2- expanding your aura using aura cards and other tools protective function of the aura
-how to protect yourself against negative vibrations
-how to measure the size of your aura how to energize your aura
basic psychic interference clearing connection, grounding, protection



Lesson 4: Chakras

By balancing and aligning your chakras you create wellness and happiness in your life.

Explore your chakras in detail and see where you need to focus your healing energy.



-balancing your chakras
-scanning your chakras
-healing your chakras
-finding the stuck patterns in your chakras

-We will work with each chakra individually and do various art therapy awareness exercises to clear stuck energy

-base- clearing my past
-sacral- how to feel emotionally stronger solar plexus- how to increase my personal power
-heart- forgiveness and opening the heart chakra
-throat- clearing stuck karmic patterns third eye- visions and illusions
-crown- ritual, repetition and commitment to your spiritual path




Essence,18 Avon Road, Diep River

Date: you confirm starting dates and times

Online workshops available on request


Investment: R2500 for a 2 hour session

R9000 for 4 sessions (paid in advance)


Lesson options:

Sessions can be 1 session a week
2 sessions a month
1 session a month


Your choice and what your budget allows

Out of experience of teaching similar workshops in the past, I have seen that a commitment is necessary to receive the full benefits that this work has to offer.


-Price includes Manuals for each lesson

-Shorthand notes
-Personal spiritual guidance Meditations for each lesson Self-healing kit
-Practical techniques
-Essence Certificate of completion



What happens after the initial four sessions:


-After completing the first four lessons you can deepen your experience with the following:

-Ignite Aura Healing: Practical

-Practical Healing : Chakra and Aura balancing Practical Healing: Emotional balancing technique -Practical Healing: Psychic Interference Clearing Practical Healing: Elemental balance

-Practical Healing: Space clearing and Energy Feng Shui Practical healing: Creating and running your healing practice




• Manuals supplied in a printed version and PDF format

• Free pendulum workshop with pendulum chart and pendulum

• Chakra shorthand cards
• Aura layers shorthand cards
• Two energy sprays
• Chakra balancing activated disks healing set




I have been actively creating, facilitating and sharing healing and self-healing courses on a fulltime basis for almost 20 years. All the courses are created from a wealth of personal healing experience that comes from working with thousands of clients. I will be sharing my first- hand healing experience and tips to help you become accustomed to your own healing style. The most important emphasis of all my teachings are to create a space where you can explore your own unique gifts, talents and ideas.

Berto has taught healing, intuition and self-improvement courses all over the world, remotely and in person.He has a degree in metaphysics and have studied several healing and massage modalities.