Peter Bezuidenhout

  • based in Diep River, Cape Town

  • mobile therapist

  • massage and healing

  • house clearing

  • aura clearing specialist

  • fitness and personal training

  • reiki and energy healing

“If you are looking to improve your overall health and wellbeing while maximising your chances of creating the body you desire then Zen Wellness personal training is the answer” PeterBez



Thank you for showing interest in my work. I have over twenty years experience as a fitness guru, metaphysical healer, energy mentor, reiki master, aura and massage specialist. I’m happy to travel to your home and offer any of the above offerings to you in the comfort of your own sacred space. 


I have an intuitive knowing:



• in giving people exactly what they need on a fitness / training level 

• clearing stuck energy patterns 

• clearing energy attachments 


I shift these energies through physical exercise, energy healing, specialised massage, space clearing or a combination of all the above.



I have always had a love for the physical body, the way the muscles work and move and what one is able to do to transform one’s mind and body through exercise and movement. My passion for fitness however emerged after witnessing a personal trainer drastically improve the life of a friend from school, who suffered extensive physical injuries and serious depression after a major accident. 

It was amazing to see her body change, adapt and correct itself in just a few short months of exercise and rehabilitation work. Not only did this create a difference in her self-esteem but the incorporation of a holistic approach facilitated a transformation for her body and mind. Back to the person she was before the accident.


My Fitness Philosophy


I have extensive knowledge, experience and insight in:


• person specific training 

• sports specific training 

• performance enhancement 

• boot camp 

• lean muscle gain 

• bulk muscle gain 

• body weight training 

• weight control 

• rehabilitation 

• remedial massage


I believe wholeheartedly that movement is a necessary component of physical and mental wellness where proper form and mobility also play a big part in becoming well rounded. 

My fitness philosophy is to coach clients in a holistic manner with basic steps / movements which can be progressed and combined to produce a routine which safely and systematically advances them towards their individual goal. Creating a bespoke, age - appropriate routine that combines cardiovascular and strength training as well as emphasises the importance of flexibility and balance for total physical wellness.


The Zen Wellness Philosophy


• That we heal the body and mind from the inside out 

• It is about being in the present moment and being in touch with the here and now and not letting the mind drift into the future or past. 


Zen Wellness training is based on harmonising mind and body through the balance of the five elements




Your Body 

• Promotes mobility and flexibility 

• Helps with self-confidence 

• Helps one to feel grounded and connected




Your Emotions 

• Releasing stuck emotions 

• Releasing the inner saboteur 

• Balances hormones 

• Releases feel good hormones 



Your Energy 


• Increase vitality 

• Increases general energy levels and mood 

• Creates more energy for the day




Your Thoughts 

• Mental Clarity 

• Reduces stress through mental focus 

• Releases negative thoughts

• Increases oxygen circulation 

• Releases inner-conflict 



Spirit: Your Spirit 

• Helps to connect to Self 

• Helps to connect to nature 

• Helps to connect to the miracle of your spiritual body which lives in your physical body

Why Zen Wellness? 

“Zen” emphasises rigorous self-restraint, meditation practice, precise movement and insight into the nature of the mind and this creates a balanced lifestyle. 


Daily incorporation of physical exercise, body movement and breathing techniques:

• reduce stress by calming the mind 

• improve physical health 

• increase mental clarity 

• improve vitality 

• promotes inner peace. 


Why a Holistic approach to Wellness is a good idea: 

1. Stress related diseases are the number one cause of death in Western civilisation. An increasing sedentary lifestyle in modern culture is promoting more and more people to seek mind / body physical health. Zen Wellness combines a number modalities to complete a full mind / body wellness program

2. Life expectancy is growing, people are living longer today than before. Science has been successful with increasing the length of life but not the quality. By taking the Zen Wellness approach, you can enhance not only your physical and mental wellbeing but also the overall quality of life. 

3. There is growing evidence that focusing holistically on wellness can reduce health care costs by emphasising prevention over treatment. More people are awakening to this concept and taking wellness into their own hands and focusing not only on physical fitness but also a complete health, healing and wellness approach for longevity. 

One needs to remember that fitness is a lifelong behaviour modification where we have continuous improvement of the mind and body. Be aware that 

short term versions “quick fixes” don't work, they just create imbalance.


You would need Holistic personal training? 

If : 

● You are energy aware and need a nurturing environment to train in 

● You are seeking a unique and innovative way to sculpt your body 

● You want to manage your stress levels naturally 

● You feel more comfortable with one-on-one connections 

● Needing a coach that understands your unique circumstances, dietary requirements, schedule and personal energy 

● Needing a calm space to build your energy and body

● You are energy sensitive 

● You don’t like crowded gyms 

● Needing personalised training to create direction and achieve those fitness goals


“There is a lot more to getting in shape, than simply the physical act of working out. In order to achieve results the emotional aspect of fitness needs to be addressed. Zen Wellness can help you connect your mind and body through conscious movement patterns that energise, repair and strengthen the body and help you take control of life”. PeterBez 


Connection between the mind and body is vitally important to maximise the benefits of the training you are putting in. It not only improves your mind-set, but also helps you use the mind to maximise your results via breathing and movement techniques which allow the body to absorb the energy work being done. This connection also promotes complete relaxation giving you the opportunity to focus on how you feel when you finally reach your goals. 

One of the main reasons people fail to reach their fitness goals is because they aren’t mentally prepared.


We have to focus on the mind before the muscle!

If you go into your workout thinking “I can’t do 30 min today” you won’t!! Staying positive and motivated makes it much easier to push past the personal barriers which arise and keep up the training. This wellness training will teach you how to adjust your mindset to stay positive through your fitness journey. It will teach you how to let go of the “I can’t” attitude and adopt the I can one. 


“What you tell your mind is ultimately what you will achieve”


Benefits of Zen Wellness: 

Zen Wellness focuses on overall long term good health such as improving sleep cycles, nutrition, mental health and a better work/life balance through various proven techniques. It also achieves the desire to be unattached to any strict exercise regime and the freedom associated with exercising anywhere without the need for expensive or bulky equipment. 



Wellness training is about looking after the complete body: 

• detoxing (out with the old in with the new) 

• focus on continuous movement connecting mind to body 

• shorter more focused workouts for improved results 

• intuitive, structured training, specific to your energy / physical body requirements 

• limit injuries with proper start and end direction 

• incorporating body weight movements 

• using a few dumbbells / kettlebell exercises

• following the natural movements of the body, nothing forced

• mindfulness and purposeful Meditation 

• improving blood / oxygen circulation 


Make Zen Wellness part of your routine, and you will be building a lifestyle that will support your fitness for years to come 



Personal Training

Get to know me and see how I work and if our energy aligns. 


 50% reduction 1 week- 3 sessions @ R350/session 


1 Month Package starting from R5600 

3 Month Package starting from R16800




My goal for the energy work I do is both to align you with the wisdom of your individual soul and to connect you with the divine, God, Light or the Supreme Being depending on how you refer to the source energy present, around and within each of us. 


My Healing Journey: 

Being adopted was a difficult thing for me to process while going through adolescence. Not seeing myself as part of the family unit but completely separate, caused many emotional battles and scars. I struggled with self-esteem and identity development issues,

depression, and feelings of abandonment, of not being good enough, coupled with hurt feelings over my birth mother's choice to reject me. 

I repressed and compartmentalised what I did not want to face. I hoped and prayed the memories from my past would one day disappear on their own, and that the fears that came along with them would also dissipate, but that never happened. 

It was in my early 20s that I eventually came to the realisation that if I wanted to heal, I would have to completely change my mindset and outlook on life. I would have to start working with me internally not just on the physical external body as most of us do. 

I went through highs and lows and then got so tired of the inconsistent results from the socially accepted normal processes of antidepressants, mood stabilizers, shrinks and religion. I became desperate. I grew up with a mother who was very liberal. She was super supportive throughout and suggested I try an alternative means to find the peace and happiness I was searching for and that I go for a healing.

I was open to this idea. Something strange and different intrigued me so I decided to go to an intuitive healer / Reiki practitioner, I had nothing to lose. Not knowing what to expect I was completely surprised during the 

session. This modality resonated with me and it felt as if I was coming home. 

The wonderful thing about it was that the healing was not about fixing me like the medication and shrinks had been, but more of the practice of letting go, finding the hurt and trauma deep within me and being able to just, let go. I walked away having felt significant shifts within my body. I felt lighter and unburdened. It was an absolutely profound, mind altering and life changing experience for me. 

Somehow I came away with a deeper understanding of myself, my body and the stresses / emotions that I had carried with me for so many years. 

I still remember my first ever healing as if it were yesterday because it had such a profound impact on me, I had received clarity and insight about my life path. The realisation that we don’t have to be the way we are, that all the sorrow and pain and grief and fear that we all know, is

not necessary. It can be eliminated and that new ways of being can be cultivated by a spiritual way of life. This is when my internal healing journey started and I can say without any doubt that it worked and my life path to becoming an intuitive healer ultimately began. 


Rumi said,"The wound is the place where the Light enters you." Healing allows light to come through you and be a light unto the world. When you heal, you help the whole world heal. 


“Zen” emphasises rigorous self-restraint, meditation practice, precise movement and insight into the nature of the mind. 



Zen Holistic Massage 

Experience the energy flow of your body through a combination of Swedish massage, pressure point massage, Indian head massage and Meridian massage. I use wonderful warming oils, aromatherapy clearing

sprays, anointment creams and other healing tools to achieve the ultimate sense of relaxation. 



• 1 hour – R750 

• 90min – R950 

• 120min - R1500 


Zen Wellness Massage


My wellness massage combines:


• aura healing and clearing 

• energy smudging with African herbs 

• soothing warm oil 

• energy balancing through working on spinal chakra points


Hourly fee: R1100


Remedial massage 

What is it? 

It's the treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management. Focused on treating the cause of the pain as well as the symptoms by using a range of techniques that include deep tissue release, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, joint mobilisation and stretching and strengthening exercises. People generally use massage for either general relaxation or to address a specific complaint or injury

such as pain or limited range of motion, but remedial massage therapy can help in many more ways including: 

• physical relaxation 

• improve circulation, which nourishes tissue / blood cells and improves waste eliminations 

• relief for tight muscles and other aches and pains 

• release of nerve compression (carpal tunnel, sciatica)

• increase flexibility 

• enhance energy and vitality 

• helps muscles recover more quickly from exertion and fatigue

• helps re-establish your proper muscular tone 

• heals scar tissue 

• prevents muscular atrophy (wasting from injury and paralysis) 


I adequately assess your discomfort, pain and injury levels to formulate a customised wellness massage treatment plan and/or exercise regime to help get you to start living at your best potential 

Duration 1 hour – R850


Peter Bezuidenhout





  • Zen Holistic Massage - 60min

    750 South African rand
  • Zen Holistic Massage - 90 min

    950 South African rand
  • Zen Holistic Massage - 120 min

    1,500 South African rand