Peter Bezuidenhout

  • based In Durban

  • mobile therapist

  • massage and healing

  • house clearing

  • aura clearing specialist

  • fitness and personal training

  • reiki and energy healing

Peter studied with Essence in Durban more than 10 years ago. He is very efficient in clearing stuck energy patterns and energy attachments. His background in physical fitness and personal training gives him an in-depth and intuitive knowing of the muscles of the physical body. Peter has done various massage courses with Essence and is very talented at releasing tension and knots. 


Peter travels with his healing bed to your home where you can experience a deep energy clearing with a relaxing massage. 


Peter is now our trusted Durban Aura Clearing Specialist and will soon stock our Sacred Lotus energy and aura sprays and aura related products which can be bought directly from him. 

Flow Holistic Massage: 

Experience the energy flow of your body through a combination of Swedish massage, pressure point massage, Indian head massage and Meridian massage. I use wonderful warming oils, aromatherapy clearing sprays, anointment creams and other healing tools to bring the ultimate in relaxation. The treatment takes place in the comfort of your own home on my massage bed.


Duration: 1 hour 

Introductory fee: R650 

Thereafter R650/hour, R950/90min, R1500/ 120min


Signature Healing Massage:

My signature Massage combines: • aura healing and clearing • energy smudging with African herbs • soothing warm oil• energy balance through working on spinal chakra points and all the massage combinations of the Flow holistic massage.

Hourly fee R 950 for the signature massage 

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