Large and Medium Amethyst Crystal Clusters . 

Qualities: can help with headaches, calms anxiety, brilliant for space clearing, or placing it in a space that has heavy energy.These crystals are brilliant for enhancing energy flow in your home or business. They cleanse and clear stuck energy. 

How to use:

  • In your home where there is stuck energy
  • In your office to clear electromagnetic energy
  • In your lounge as a coffee table talking piece
  • Under your therapy bed
  • In your meditation room


Amethyst means sincerity and freedom from harm. I symbolises wisdom, love, devotion and power. Our Amethyst are sourced from an ethical mine in Zambia. Only washed with water. Annointed with essential oils. Not acid washed( industry standard) I feel this changes their earthy vibrations.


Amethyst Crystal Clusters

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