Auracle Cards were inspired and created by Berto Voigt and Tamar Bezuidenhout at Essence Energetics in Cape Town. Each divine mandala was channelled and hand-painted in gouache medium by Berto Voigt over a period of 15 years.


Auracle cards can help you to stay attuned to your soul and aura energy on a daily basis. They are spiritual tools designed to assist you to create awareness in different areas in your life including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 


By picking an Auracle card daily you will be able to see which colour and modality are best for you to work with for that day. The card shows you general energy patterns to be aware of on that day and gives suggestions how to balance these energies.


Auracle cards can be used to see the energy of a room or a space or even a person – albeit a family member, a friend or even a client. They make energy shifting and healing more fun and very precise.


  • The cards are designed to give you shortcuts with affirmations to easily balance your energy, aura and chakras
  • You can use the cards in healing sessions with clients
  • You can also ask: What do I need to achieve balance in my aura?
  • Shuffle the cards and pick one, follow the information given.


Information given on each card:


  • Gemstone aligned with the chakras
  • Energy aligned with the chakras
  • Practical insights
  • Healing information
  • Affirmations to balance the chakras
  • Colours aligned with the chakras
  • Emotions aligned with the chakras
  • How to balance the chakras
  • Life lessons aligned with the chakras


Enjoy and use your cards intuitively


Each set is blessed and come in its own wooden box.



Auracle Cards

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