Auracle Cards


Download this Beautifully designed Auracle card pack to use as a Self-awareness tool or a shortcut in any healing modality.


About :

Auracle cards can help you to stay attuned to your soul and aura energy on a daily basis.

They have been design to assist you to create awareness in different areas in your life

including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. By picking an Auracle card daily you will be able to see which colour and modality are best for you to work with for that day. It also shows you general energy patterns to be aware of and it gives suggestions how to balance these energies.

Auracle cards can be used to see the energy of a room or a space or even a person –albeit a family member or a friend, or even a client. They make energy shifting and healing more fun and very precise. The creation process of these beautiful cards took 10 years to complete – this is our 10 year anniversary special!! The current set has 69 complete cards.


How to use the suggested energies on the cards:

★ Colour: wear, visualise, or surround yourself with more of the colour

★ Crystal: wear the crystal, or research the crystals properties

★ Deity: shows the deity who holds the energy

★ Chakra: shows the chakra that works with the energy system

★ Healing: shows where healing is required and which energy system

Is out of balance

★ Vibration: shows the underlying theme

★ Tribe: shows a connection to an ancient tribe, can be a possible past life

★ Lesson: shows lessons to be learned by picking this card

★ Message: shows what can be done to achieve alignment with this card

★ Meridian: shows the meridian that works with this energy system

★ Modality: shows which healing modality will create balance

★ Affirmation: can be used to create alignment with this energy, can be said out loud or quietly inside.


Taking care of your cards


Your Auracle cards with use will start teaching you about your energy field. By applying the information balance can be achieved. Every now and again fan your cards out and spray them any of the aura clearing sprays to freshen up the energy. You can also smudge them with incense.







Auracle Cards- Practitioner PDF

R250,00 Regular Price
R100,00Sale Price
  • Creating your cards:

    ★ Print your PDF file (69 cards in the set)

    ★ Cut your cards, fold each one in half and laminate- or ask a professional printer to do this for you

    ★ The cards are designed to give you shortcuts with affirmations to easily balance your energy, aura and chakras

    ★ You can use the cards in healing sessions with clients

    ★ You can also ask: What do I need to achieve balance in my aura?

    ★ Shuffle the cards and pick one, follow the information given.

    ★ Laminate the cards for extended use

    ★ You will receive a download email instantly when PayPal payment was made

    ★ Please contact us at for any problems regarding the download.

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