Essence Energetics mala crystal bracelet

carved agate | kambaba agate | hematite


use this beautiful mala crystal bracelet to connect to the nature of the forest and ground your energy


the crystals:

carved agate - carved with the sacred mantra om mani padme hum

kambaba agate - peace, tranquility

black agate - grounding, protection

hematite - balance between body, mind and spirit

wood - connection to earth


affirmation: I invite silence, healing and peace into my life.


use the sacred wood as your essential oil diffuser - place a drop on the wood and allow it to gently diffuse your favourite scent around your aura


this mala crystal bracelet was inspired and handcrafted by Tamar at Essence Energetics

aligned with the energy of the earth element


this mala crystal braclet has been blessed with sacred mantras and activated with sound healing frequencies

Kambaba Agate & Hematite Mala Bracelet

  • gently roll the bracelet onto your wrist - do not pull and stretch over your wrist

    don't allow your mala crystal bracelet to get wet

    handle with care

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