Tangerine Singing Quartz


  • moves stagnant energy
  • Smoothing and shaping of energy fields
  • When rubbed together it creates the tonal sound Om
  • Helps with communication
  • Helps with creativity
  • Stone of hope and new beginnings
  • Connection to the universe


How to use:

  • In your home where there is stuck energy
  • Under your therapy bed
  • In your meditation room
  • Crystal grids for manifestation


Tangerine Singing Quartz creates a field of hope. I symbolises creativity, expression, devotion and power. Our Tangerine Singing Quartz are sourced from an ethical mine in Malawi. Only washed with water. 

Anointed with essential oils. Not acid washed( industry standard) I feel this changes their earthy vibrations.


Tangerine Singing Quartz

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