Are you a bit tired of always looking for spiritual intuitive guidance from others?


  • Learn how to read your own tarot cards in an unique and easy way
  • Tarot, meaning hidden wisdom, will open the doors to your innate intuition
  • Bring your big-life questions and the Universe will answer them




Tarot cards reflects ancient symbolic patterns in the form of pictograms and these patterns when understood can give one direction and focus in life.

This workshop will take the mystery out of the Tarot cards- it is designed to let you experience each  energy pattern first hand. 


What will be covered in this workshop:


  • symbology
  • history
  • mythology
  • numerology
  • astrology
  • colour therapy 


Reason for downloading this course:


  • Activate your intuitive abilities
  • Activate your creative potential
  • Learn about the ancient art of tarot readings
  • Learn how to do accurate readings for yourself
  • Learn how to read any tarot deck easily
  • Learn how to give yourself intuitive guidance when you get stuck
  • learn how to make your own tarot cards


What you will receive:


  • You will receive shortcut notes and templates that you can use to start doing readings for yourself and others
  • Complete notes to understand the 22 major arcana cards
  • Templates for memorising the cards
  • Bonus: info on how to create your own tarot cards
  • Bonus: a blueprint of which card represents your personality according to the tarot cards 
  • Bonus: free tarot card PDF's for printing
  • Bonus: templates for creating your own tarot cards
  • Video: how to assemble your tarot cards 


Venue    :  in the comfort of your own home 

Cost    :    $65 for level one


Level 2: making and creating your own tarot cards

Level 3: Minor Arcana elemental lessons: water, fire, air, earth


How to make your own tarot cards

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