Size: 24 cm x 30 cm

Medium: resin


Sacred geometry follows the creation laws of the universe. These can help with manifestation.

Sacred geometric Paintings set

    BertoVoigt © 2020

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    Due to Covid-19 regulations returns on goods will not be accepted. All products are energetic in nature and are made with intention and integrity. Faulty items can be returned in its original state. Essence Energetics take pride in sourcing and manufacturing goods made with the highest possible quality. Since the majority of our art pieces are one-off, unique originals, these items will not be accepted as returned goods.


    EssenceEnergetics reserves the right to refuse any return.


    Customers are responsible for return shipping charges. If there is a mistake on our part i.e. damaged or lost goods, we will reimburse customers using the same method of original purchase. We will not, however, refund international duties or taxes.


    Healing packages:


    We have been actively working in the healing industry for almost 20 years. Although rare, sometimes clients request a refund on a healing package (sessions paid for in advance at a reduced rate) or healing training (energy healing training paid in advance at a greatly reduced rate). These items are not refundable as huge discounts apply. If a client is adamant that they need a refund then, depending on how many hours were used in the package, the original un-discounted full fee will apply minus a cancellation fee. If all the hours allocated for each package (as per the information brochure) were used up with the sessions - no refund will be forthcoming. It is the clients responsibility to read this information before committing to a healing plan. Energetically we have seen that in general cancellations are a way of not committing to Self, it is a form of sabotage. EssenceEnergetics will assist where we can, but we will not get involved with any negative drama. 

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