We have sourced stunning therapeutic grade essential oil from places of origin around the world and where possible, organically grown and harvested.


What does this mean? This means our pure and natural essential oils are full strength.


Use only 1 drop of essential oil directly onto your crystal mala bracelet and let the aroma infuse your aura. 


Choose from our following essential oils:


Frankincense (India)

Geranium (South Africa)


Lavender (South Africa)


Organic Rose Geranium (South Africa)

Ylang Ylang (Madagascar)


Each bottle contains 5mls of pure essential scent. 


"Perfume is magic. It's mystery.
We recreate the smell of a flower. Of wood. Of grass.
We capture the essence of life. Liquefy it.
We store memories.
We make dreams."

- M.J. Rose - 

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

5 Milliliters
  • The essential oils are full strength and are not to be taken internally nor used directly on the skin.