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SoulCodes- Ignite your Life

These sessions are energetic activations and transmissions.

  • 1 hour
  • R5555/4
  • Avon Road|18 Avon Road

Service Description

SoulCodes In the same way that you need a coded keycard to gain entrance to a hotel room or a password to access an account, your soul needs certain circumstances or vibrations to unlock its hidden secrets. You being here on earth right now is not an accident. No, you are not on the wrong planet! Although many of us feel this at this time. You are here to unlock your full soul potential, your full soul’s purpose. And once unlocked, this energy will accelerate your spiritual life. I call these hidden soul faculties, SoulCodes. Your SoulCodes are hidden in your energy body, waiting to be activated so you can remember who you truly are. I have personally worked with SoulCodes for many years in many forms, sometimes through tarot, through numerology, energy healing and intuitive energy readings. Knowing which soul code to activate and to unlock will give your physical and spiritual life purpose and direction. Let me Activate and guide you to access your unique SoulCodes. How you may ask? Through a channelled SoulCode reading where I will assess your energy field and observe which codes are present and which ones need activation. This process is new to me as well but I have systematically been trained for more than 20 years to find hidden potentials. In my own personal experience one of my SoulCodes was revealed in a lucid dream state, where I was shown how the energy body holds, transforms and builds energy. If this code was not activated in me then it would make my healing work almost impossible to navigate. I was shown very precise sequences and structures how to easily shift stuck or distorted energies. It was almost like watching a movie. To this very day I still use these sequences and was told that only 12 couples in the world work in this manner. In short it helped me to speed up healing and transformation for myself and others. Please read more on the treatment page

Cancellation Policy

No show will be charged for in full, late cancellation fee of 50% applies

Contact Details

  • 18 Avon Road, Diep River, Cape Town, South Africa

    + 0825567400

  • 18 Avon Road, Diep River, Cape Town, South Africa

    + 0825567400

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