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In the same way that you need a coded keycard to gain entrance to a hotel room or a password to access an account, your soul needs certain circumstances or vibrations to unlock its hidden secrets. 


You being here on earth right now is not an accident.

No, you are not on the wrong planet! 

Although many of us feel this at this time. 


You are here to unlock your full soul potential, your full soul’s purpose. And once unlocked, this energy will accelerate your spiritual life. I call these hidden soul faculties, SoulCodes. 

Your SoulCodes are hidden in your energy body, waiting to be activated so you can remember who you truly are. 


I have personally worked with SoulCodes for many years in many forms, sometimes through tarot, through numerology, energy healing and intuitive energy readings. Knowing which soul code to activate and to unlock will give your physical and spiritual life purpose and direction. 


Let me Activate and guide you to access your unique SoulCodes. 


How you may ask?


Through a channelled SoulCode reading where I will assess your energy field and observe which codes are present and which ones need activation. This process is new to me as well but I have systematically been trained for more than 20 years to find hidden potentials. In my own personal experience one of my SoulCodes was revealed in a lucid dream state, where I was shown how the energy body holds, transforms and builds energy. If this code was not activated in me then it would make my healing work almost impossible to navigate. I was shown very precise sequences and structures how to easily shift stuck or distorted energies. It was almost like watching a movie. To this very day I still use these sequences and was told that only 12 couples in the world work in this manner. In short it helped me to speed up healing and transformation for myself and others. 



About the SoulCode Activations:


Each soul activation comes with a login workshop and downloadable workbook that you can use to integrate and enhance your experience. 

Each code comes with a guided soul code activation meditation where you will see, feel and access this unique energy.


This is an opportunity to accelerate your spiritual growth and step into your true magnificence. 


All sessions are done remotely with a recored voice note of findings send to you after each activation. To solidify the activations you will receive login codes after each session.

This is a perfect way to end the year and activate your new year.


These sessions are for spiritual seekers who want more, who wants to remember more.



How it works?


  • one session a week for 4 weeks. 

  • I guide, support and activate your aura to shift your energy

  • you create a healing soul practice to allow light to flow effortlessly into your life

  • you use the easy/peasy guided meditations that I channeled specially for you to help you to access your unique soul codes


What you get:


  • 4 energy specific SoulCode activations

  • 4 unique online workshops to support your journey

  • 4 voice notes with suggestions




  • Free access to 7 chakra workshops

  • Free access to 7 chakra meditations

  • Free Access to Energetic Hygiene Meditations




After the initial assessment session I can suggest a soul code mandala artwork to inspire and solidify the codes in your energy body. You will receive these as a printable PDF. You can use this codes with the its name as a screensaver on your phone as a reminder to connect.


Your SoulCode can be used as a contemplative tool in your healing space or meditation space. It will help you to attract the qualities and gifts of your unique SoulCode. 

Ignite your life- Activate your SoulCodes


About me:


I have been receiving SoulCodes in deep-trance-state meditations for most of my life. I however in my ignorance did not know what these were. Sometimes they are just colours and shapes, and sometimes they form beautiful images, mandalas and  patterns. These I sometimes get instructed to paint, and while I paint I receive the information what they mean. My painted soul codes have been created into a pack of sacred cards which we call Auracle Cards. We use them daily in healing and to double check intuition. 


energy assessment.jpg

In this session I scan, observe and psychically trace your SoulCodes to see which ones are active and which one s need activating.  I voice-record and then forward my findings to you, with suggestions how to achieve optimal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

These suggestions can be through supplements, spiritual practice and physical rituals. 

We also activate your first code which will increase the  energetic capacity of your field.

I also share your dominant frequencies and how to support them in your field. 

You will feel calm and relaxed after this session

energy transformation.jpg

After the initial session we move onto energetic restructuring and we create space to activate your  second soul code. Depending on the findings in the initial assessment, soul specific transformative clearings related to your soul path will be activated in your energy field. This activation will allow you to easily access the particular soul code that you need to work with. 

It will also recalibrate and active your chakras and meridian system.

You will feel centered and open.

soul activation.jpg

After the second activation you will receive an intuition workshop were you will learn about which soul codes in your energy body needs attention. Basically you will learn to intuitively choose what you need. 

We will then facilitate a transformative soul activation where you will participate in the process.

This session lifts your energy frequency and helps to clear thought patterns like anxiety.

soul integration.jpg

This session is about integrating what you have learned/remembered.

Most of the healing activations will happen in your spine which will allow you to access deeper levels of intuition. 

You will feel a connection to your life and to the universe.  

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