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Giving and Receiving

Giving and Receiving

As we are getting to the end of this very turbulent year I have a couple of observations to share. This year numerically was a strong one and we still have a couple of weeks left to clear the unprocessed or triggered energy patterns that this energy activated. Numerologically this year was aligned with a 10/1 vibration which means in my system: change, karma, money and more change. It was/is a year of making drastic decisions not for your ego but for your soul and this will lead to a clearing of the old and an integration of the new. For many this was an intense year of loss, moving on and clearing the old and next year will bring a similar energy if old stuff was not dealt with. 2018 brings the energy of strength and power, and for some the breaking of old habits, addictions and behaviour. If you are in a wonky relationship then 2018 will be the year when you get the opportunity to heal or the opportunity to release. We are also in the clutches of yet another Mercury retrograde, for those that don’t know about Mercury, it basically scrambles all forms of communication, so we have to make sure that people understand what we are trying to express and then double check that they actually “got” it. This includes emails, sms’s and whatsapps’s . The focus of this piece of writing however is to address the energy of December or the festive silly season. ( I always get in trouble for this but to some the “festering” season)

So, over the last weekend I went to the shops to buy some art supplies, it was quite busy and my love pie and I decide to have something to eat for lunch. We sat down at a local coffee shop and a very scruffily dressed Father Christmas threw two lollipops on our table, mumbles something and did this to all the tables. In my innocence I thought maybe he came from the kitchen of the coffee shop, and my second thought was gees, lollipops seriously, are we five? This scruffy Saint Nic then proceeded to make a public spectacle of himself, he proceeded to use his “giving” as a vehicle to let people know, (that was having lunch at this coffee shop) how we have everything and he has nothing and carried on with an abusive tirade … and then he asked everybody for money. It was very uncomfortable and he had a big red bag which could hide a number of things. So people basically sat shocked and stunned. A couple of patrons gave him some money, I think more to get rid of him. Eventually the manager called the security and with more theatricals he was pushed to the outside of the centre.

I am sharing this story because it really made me think about giving and receiving. A part of me wanted to go and coach the very grumpy father Christmas on how to get funding for his cause without making people feel bad about what they have in life. How often do we give because we feel bad, obligated or we just want to get rid of someone? Unconditional giving is a from of sharing energy or resources without the loaded emotional energy. This is supposed to be the season of giving and goodwill, yet most people overspend on things they don’t really need or they create family dramas, get overstressed about present buying or feel alone and depressed. I am not saying we are not entitled to enjoy, but I think we we need to share what we have with others that have less. These are lofty ideas and thoughts and did I give money to grumpy Santa, absolutely not!!!

I only give to someone that I can see is trying to better themselves. I give when I don’t feel obligated but when someone made me laugh at their ingenious idea how to attract attention. I definitely donate for effort, a smile or someone who spent hours weaving plastic bags together to make something unique to sell. I often relate Christmas and shopping to one of those birds of paradise that collect shiny things to attract a mate. And if the goodies he collected is not shiny or bright enough then he doesn’t get to mate ( don’t like you anymore, shitty presents). Unfortunately Christmas has become about shiny things and twinkling lights. Back to giving. Do I give to someone that make me feel bad or emotionally abused, definitely not! So a suggestion, give freely when there is and exchange of lovely energy, in this way we will train one another to still support one another but from a healthier energy. So what I am saying here is we have to find a gentle balance between giving and receiving, if you give something physical like money and you receive shitty energy back then that wouldn’t be a fair exchange. If you however give and you receive gratitude, joy or laughter then that will be a balance between giving and receiving. I actually wondered if grumpy Santa will keep his form of negative advertising going for the season and how many people will give to get rid of him. I feel sorry for grumpy Santa, but I didn’t feel sorry enough to gift him anything. Maybe if he changes his tactics and do good, then more people will support.

From a metaphysical point of view life and the sharing of life is based on the principles of giving and receiving. We have to share what we have with others but we have to make sure that this sharing is not loaded with any energy at all, in fact it should be neutral. If it is not neutral then there is obligation and heavy energy attached to it which will drain the initial energy of freely giving. To find a balance between giving and receiving one has to start in one’s own heart and question one’s own motives behind giving. I know many wonderful people that are always giving, but they really battle to receive, actually receiving makes them feel shy . This is still a subtle form of the ego (Eckhard Tolle). To receive means you trust that the universe is looking after you and supporting you in all ways. This energy can be very subtle and usually it is not connected to money at all. It will be a feeling of content, at ease and in general peace. So receiving should make you feel peaceful and giving should make you feel grateful that you have enough to share with others.

I hope this festive season will help all of us to be more giving without condition and it will also teach us to receive with an open heart. May this season be filled with grace and gratitude for all that life has to offer.

Much love

The AuraEssence team

P.S. Our venue and three healing rooms will be open during the season, so if anyone needs to escape the crowds and is in need of an energy recharge then contact us.

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