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Excerpt from the Crystal SoulGrid workshop


The old way of manifesting was holding the thought and the picture in the mind… so 2009. In 2010 we had a taste of instant manifestation, where we aligned the feeling with the picture and we manifest that picture (usually the negative was easier than the positive). The year 2011 is about surrendering our minds and aligning ourselves with our life purpose. When we are in alignment with our life purpose, manifestation becomes easier. For some people 2010 - 2017 was hard and challenging years, this is just a reflection that there is still an aspect of misalignment with the soul. Manifestation has to become a more heart centred process. When we are centred in the energy of the heart we start aligning ourselves to the higher ways of living and creation together on this planet. When we are more centred in the heart things like having lots of money looses its charm and we search for finding more balance and meaning in life. It doesn’t mean that money is a negative thing it just means the hold that money has on us falls away. We set ourselves free from the, I have to earn this much money to pay all the bills scenario and we attract exactly what we need when we need it without the usual mental and emotional stress.

The universe is very abundant and it doesn’t stress that there isn’t enough, there is always enough. We are the only species that accumulates and stresses when we feel we don’t have enough and we do this completely out of fear based consciousness. It is acceptable to create reserves for when you need it but the more you live in the future the less you are in the present, and if you are not living in the now then you are not really living a fully aligned life, you can never be content and happy if you live in the past or in the future. Like a good father, Source always provides, from its abundance we co- create our reality.

We use the energy of the universe to create our lives. So if this is the process how everything in your life was formed then it makes you a very power-filled being. It also creates the opportunity to start taking responsibility for the things you have manifested that is out of alignment with your soul contract. The good and the bad stuff in your life you attracted into your experience. If it is so easy to create unconsciously then surely it can be this easy to create consciously? Creating consciously helps you to take responsibility for what you are bringing into existence through the awareness of your own thoughts, feelings, words and actions. When you gain awareness of these aspects of your experience then you truly become a creator god, or a co- creator. We still use Source energy to create, so we are always co- creators.

Manifesting prosperity

Prosperity is a state of mind. Some people only have a bit of money and consider themselves prosperous. Others have lots of money and still feel poor. Prosperity is not just financial, it includes love, health, peace, wisdom, inspiration, imagination and happiness. These attributes bring contentment to the heart. Prosperity is a state of soul.

When people meditate they are filled with the light of the universe.

Guide to cultivate a prosperous mind

  • Declare every day that the true Source of your supply is God.

  • Live, think and act in ways that you are already prosperous.

  • Don’t get influenced by negative people around you.

  • Being spiritual is having money. It affirms a loving God that provides.

  • Don’t accept negative thoughts in your mind.

  • Don’t pray for money - affirm that your Higher Self knows what you need.

  • Connect daily and meditate, this will keep the prosperity channels open.

  • Get proactive - the universe supports action.

What does it mean to you to be prosperous?

Many people think of prosperity as the treasure of the earth. He measures his self-worth on how much he has. When he doesn’t have many possessions then he feels insecure. True prosperity is an inner quality.

Prayer for prosperity

My mind is part of the Infinite Mind, I therefore attract prosperity towards me now. My mind is a magnetic force drawing prosperity towards it. I speak now to my Higher Self. You know what I need before I even ask for it. You are the ruling power in my life, lead me, direct me, for I am open to receive. For this I give thanks and so it is.

…. Dr. Masters

Prosperity is not what you hold in your hand but what you hold in your heart.

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