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SoulCodes: Activate your Potential

SoulCodes: Activate your potential

At the moment there is an influx of psychic cosmic energy in the form of heightened intuition and wisdom. If you allow and connect your aura to this vibration, then your energy will be filled with positive frequencies of fulfilment, intuition, clarity and light heartedness.

This rare alignment is like a cosmic doorway opening to help us to access the Gifts of Spirit that we have been seeking.

This alignment is infused with high frequency energy that is flowing from the centre of our Universe. It’s a valuable gift that can create new foundations to allow us to energetically build the life that we desire.

This cosmic opening is aligned with:

  • cosmic wisdom

  • clear heightened intuition

  • physical prosperity

  • emotional equanimity

  • spiritual balance

  • and a huge clearing of unwanted life patterns

Have you been frustrated with all the spiritual work of meditation, yoga, mindfulness, healing session, podcasts, readings and contemplation and you still feel Meh!!, same same, another course, another day, with little or no results? Not another thing to clear, and how many times must I still process my childhood?

I have been feeling the same way, especially after viewing how consciousness has been manipulated, how teachings have been distorted and how many people just fall victim to

mass-produced spirituality.

We are moving and flowing into a new way of being and it may feel like you are living in more than one world at the same time. The one world will hold the old versions and patterns of your previous self, the other world will hold a version of yourself that you are becoming. As you open the new world inside of you, you will activate more freedom, more lightness and mundane issues will affect you less and less.

What is a SoulCode?

A SoulCode is a unique universal energy pattern, they can also be called soul qualities.

This doorway opens your energy and mind to this new world and to ground this new way of being I was inspired to create a 22-day workshop to open and align your energy to the best possible version of yourself. You will learn to clear your mind, open your heart, ask for guidance and allow the Universe to guide you - which will activate your dormant soul gifts and talents.

These sessions are for spiritual seekers who want more, who wants to remember more.

By signing up for this course you will receive:

  • daily lessons focussing on one of the energy SoulCodes

  • unique homework pages with writing prompts to release stuck energy related to the energy code of the day

  • daily guided energy activation meditations to invite the full power of the SoulCode into your aura and life.

The importance of a daily spiritual practice:

  • It takes 21 days to create a new habit.

  • Your brain will form new energetic pathways only with repetition and dedication.

  • If you want change, then consistency is the key.

  • This process will take about 10 mins to 20 mins each day.

Preparation: what you will need for your daily practice

  • internet access

  • journal for writing

  • 15 min quiet time every day for your Soul Practice

What you will receive:

An email with a link sent to your inbox every morning where you will be able to access your SoulCode lesson and SoulCode meditations. Each day there will be a different lesson with a different meditation.

You will also receive a daily downloadable image for the SoulCode of the day with its affirmations.

Purpose of this course:

  • Resetting of energetic holding patterns

  • Releasing of stuck energy patterns

  • Learn how to meditate on sacred soul qualities

  • Spiritual healing

  • Energetic alignment

  • Activation of intuition

  • Activation of soul gifts and blessings

  • Activation of peace in your life

Note: you can start you 22-day activation at anytime.. You will receive your first lesson the day after you have paid.

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