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So you are a bit stuck?

A bit tired of this Year?

Bored with your job?

Relationship not working?

You want to make some changes but are too scared to?

You feel lost or confused?

Do you feel the universe is against you?

You feel you might be on the wrong planet !!



A Soul Numerology Reading can assist you to find the right answers 

at the right time.



What is Soul Numerology?


Soul Numerology readings are visual, interactive, informative and give you clarity and understanding on your life path. Soul Numerology readings have been designed using more than a decade of experience in working with energy patterns. The reading combines Numerology, Tarot, Elemental energies, Colour therapy and Aura work. It can give you insight into your life's challenges and reveals the Archetypical patterns(patterns that you keep repeating) that you are expressing and manifesting at this time in your life. Soul Numerology readings give you a map of the game called life. Your personal numbers hold the keys to your soul's life path. By exploring your unique energy pathways, you can align yourself to your higher soul path, your reason for being.


What is Numerology?

Numerology is the symbolic study of numbers. Numbers create vibrations, cycles, patterns and themes in life. Knowing these rhythms and themes can help you to better understand why sometimes you go through the ups and downs in life. By knowing your unique rhythm or life pattern, it will make it easier to flow and grow with life. It can also warn you about sabotage and closed doors before they happen.


About Berto


I have been doing aura/intuitive/numerology/ tarot readings for more than a 20 years. I tend to focus on the present moment as this will create your future. By being aware of the patterns that you are expressing now and looking at the different options to create change we can formulate a positive direction for your life. I have successfully supported many people individually and in business to find what is going on energetically that is creating stagnation. I can easily access energy pathways to help you move through and around these interferences. 


Am I Clairvoyant? – Yes!

Am I Clairsentient?- Yes!

Can I see Auras? – Yes!


Clairvoyant means the ability to see energy clearly. I am blessed with this ability and can see auras and subtle energy. We can hide "stuff" with words but we can’t hide energy, which makes my readings very precise and informative. 


Topics covered in a typical reading

  • Personal energy history

  • Life patterns

  • Relationships

  • Purpose and growth

  • Spirituality

  • Ancestors (yes they sometimes visit)

  • Money

  • Personal year theme




  • Soul numerology

  • Psychic perception- looking at the aura and seeing what you are holding

  • Astrology- looking at the main energy patterns that you are expressing in this lifetime

  • Tarot- making energy patterns visual so you can relate, integrate and shift

  • Energy clearing- we might need to do a process to release stuck energy

  • Clairvoyance


How a reading can assist you:


  • Clear practical advice on how to release the past and embrace your future

  • Plan of action to create lasting change

  • Directional energy coaching to move you to your desired goals

  • Helping to find clarity on what it is that you want in life

  • Career and life purpose counselling

  • Processing limitations and restrictions

  • Clearing excuses and self-sabotage

  • It can show you challenges and how to set yourself free from them

  • It can give you direction and clarity

  • It can give you a deeper understanding about your personality and why you attract certain circumstances

  • It can show you the archetypical pattern that you are expressing in your life most of the time

  • It can help you to make informed decisions about your life.


Berto has experience in the following:


  • Business energy counselling- creating a positive brand to showcase your unique talents

  • Relationship counselling- how to find the right type of relationship for you

  • Money counselling- how to create a supportive, sustainable ethical business

  • Energy coaching- managing your energy levels

  • Pregnancy coaching- releasing trauma from miscarriages or abortions

  • Hyper-sensitivity energy (empath) counselling- how to make your energy more robust


Readings can be facilitated in the following manner:



Soul Numerology is available as an in-person consultation at our studio in Diep River

at R950/hour

Voice Note:

You can also order a reading and receive it as a voice note file through WhatsApp. You can then listen to your reading and revisit it when needed. - R850/reading



After payment is received a Skype session can be set up for those that want personal interaction. R950/hour

Info needed:

  • full name, middle name and surname
  • date of birth

  • time and place of birth (if you have it)

  • favourite colour as a child



Fill in this form when you would like to book your reading

TAROT Reading Questions
You would like your reading to focus on one of the following:

This form will only be looked at once payment has been made

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