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Essence Space Clearing


A clear space creates a clear mind,

clear emotions and an opening

to let spirit flow

Home is where we are supposed to feel our safest and most secure. It is also the place that we go to offload our emotional baggage. In the unprecedented time we live in, unprocessed issues such as old hurts, negative thought patterns and emotional extremes may arise. If you are experiencing any of these issues then you can be sure that your space is contaminated.

Energy space clearing is recommended if you have experienced any of the following:

• divorce, breakup
• loss, retrenchment
• bereavement, passing of a loved one
• illness, insomnia or depression in the home
• arguing or violence in the home
• burglary or traumatic incident in the home
• if you or your children are having nightmares or creepy experiences
• moving in to a new home
• at the start of a new relationship, especially if you are in the same home as with your previous relationship
• if you know that the previous occupants had a troubled past
• if you are in any kind of legal dispute
• if you and your partner start fighting as soon as you walk in to your space
• before the birth or arrival of a new baby
• any type of building, renovation or restoration
• if there is stagnant energy in your life or in your business

We have all heard about Feng Shui and in the simplest terms it is the placement of furniture in your home that makes your home feel energised and comfortable. If your home is feeling “heavy” and “stagnant” then it is time to take a look at how you can change the energy of the space.

We have all heard about Feng Shui and in the simplest terms it is the placement of furniture in your home that makes your home feel energised and comfortable. If your home is feeling "heavy" and "stagnant" then it is time to take a look at how you can change the energy of the space.

Ways for you to start clearing your space:

• donate or give away unwanted objects with strong negative emotions attached
• fix or replace broken objects
• fix damp problems
• plant flowers in your garden or in window boxes
• place your favourite flowers in rooms around your home
• create a sacred space in your home where you burn incense and light candles
• move your furniture around regularly – this keeps energy flowing and helps clear stagnant energy and dust bunnies.

Did you know?

When we clear spaces quite often the carpets and inherited antiques carry a lot of heavy energy. Sometimes trapped energy from previous owners, energy imprints and past life artefacts are the issues that arise. We are often surprised when people still sleep on the same mattress as the one they shared with a previous partner. Quite a big mistake if you are looking for a new relationship - often the same patterns arise as from the previous relationship.

What is Space Clearing?

Many people have some funny ideas about what space clearing actually is ... from "shooing" negative energy out of the window to walking around the house "wafting" a smudge stick – or even better, hiring a dippy hippie to do it.

Space clearing is a spiritual ritual followed by different cultures all over the world and has been done for hundreds of years. Space clearing is a spiritual ritual performed master energy healers (us) which includes cleansing, clearing and energy gridding a home or business space from negative energy imprints, stuck emotional patterns, uncomfortable psychic experiences and traumatic incidents.  We offer this as a professional service and the ritual involves us visiting your home and facilitating the clearing in person or as a distant healing service. 

Over time, all environments collect and hold residual energy from the past. These patterns are called imprints and can be emotional or mental in nature. Some of the imprints can be hundreds of years old and belong to previous inhabitants of the space and they still influence the present-day energy. This becomes evident in the history of a place. Some imprints are held by what happened on the land before the house and buildings were built. Places where there is a lot of under-ground water and problems with flooding or rising water levels will amplify stuck emotions and insomnia.

Every single person who visits your home space or has previously lived in your home space, depending on their energy polarity, either leaves some of their stuff behind or drains some of the good energy. For instance, if the house had negative, angry residents they will leave that type of energy behind, which in turn will create the same type of emotional patterns.

If you are having constant issues while renovating your space, then this can indicate stuck energy that is being released that needs to be cleared. Out of personal experience, we have discovered that a clearing during renovations speed up the renovation process as it clears the blockages that prevent progress.

Stagnate energy creates a stagnant life


How to see if there is stuck energy in your house:


  • constant water leaks or water damage

  • burst geysers

  • after renovations, you may feel uneasy in your space

  • some areas always end up being cluttered

  • emotional / mental turmoil in the space

  • constant fighting by partners or family members

  • family members complain of not being able to sleep well and / or having nightmares

  • family members complain of unexplained noises in the night

  • children in the home may start behaving out of character – crying, restlessness, anger issues

  • pets in the home may start behaving out of character

  • feeling cold in some areas

  • not feeling comfortable and at ease in your space

  • experiences of paranormal activity


All of these are indications of unprocessed energies which need clearing. Obviously we don’t want these energies contaminating our auras or spaces, therefore clearings are essential. By clearing your space, you make space for your own energy patterns, this is called claiming your space.  If there is any stuck energy in your home, then there will be stuck energy in your life. 


Benefits of having your space cleared:

• increases energy levels
• people will feel more comfortable in the space
• creates harmonious relationships
• things won’t break that often
• releases a feeling of stuck-ness
• opens the gates of flow and abundance
• increases aligned potential business if you have an office or business at home
• increases 
potential of selling your home

We have extensive experience in the following:
• Private homes
• Boutique hotels
• Hotels
• Guest houses
• Farms
• Factories
• Office parks
• Shops
• Restaurants

Together Berto and Tamar have over 20 years of combined experience in working with corporate clearings and home energy clearings. We have facilitated over 200 office, factory, hotel, guesthouse and personal home clearings, both locally and internationally, in the last 3 years.

We offer 2 ways of working - in person or distant space clearing.

How we work in person:

We visit your home and facilitate the clearing in person. This includes smudging, cleansing, clearing, sound therapy and colour therapy (it also helps that both of us can see the goggas). Once clear, we energetically grid your home to seal in the good energy and then bless your home – this will create a space of quiet tranquil energy. Berto and Tamar are both ordained as Ministers with the University of Metaphysics in the US and certified for home and business clearings and blessings. This process will get rid of old stuck energy patterns, it will invite the new. 

How we work in distant sessions:

We facilitate a distant clearing of your home. This includes clearing, cleansing, gridding and colour therapy advice. Once cleared, your home is energetically gridded to seal in the good energy and then blessed – this will create a space of quiet tranquil energy. You will also receive a report on what was found and cleared and what can be done to enhance the energy flow. This will get rid of old stuck energy patterns, it will invite the new. This process is facilitated in our healing room on a set date and the family members and staff do not need to leave the premises during this time.

Energy, according to physics, can be in more in one place at the same time, therefore energy space clearing doesn't always have to be in person. We have formulated and tested a structure of distant clearing that we are proud to share with anyone who has a space in need of clearing. When we have decided and agreed upon a plan of action to start your space clearing experience, we will go into a quiet meditative space, connect with the energy field of your space and direct the highest healing energy into your space that the universe will allow for you at that moment in time. It's almost like connecting your space to the internet. This is done from our dedicated healing space at home.

By clearing your space you make space for new energy patterns, this is called claiming your space.


Please contact for pricing and if you are not based in Cape Town, distant space clearing options are available.  If you have a feeling your space might need clearing but you don’t want to make a full investment we offer a distant energy scan - once complete we give you a brief report on what we find.

Happy clients:

"Dear Tamar, Thank you so much for helping us clearing our business premises.  We were certainly sensed and tangibly felt the difference in the energy when you had finished your work with us, as the place was lighter and brighter. This showed up physically as well in the form of loads more business coming our way.  We had been stuck with business slowing down, and a heaviness in the office, and so many bad things had just happened to us for no apparent reason, as you know.  It was an incredibly effective exercise to have done, and we appreciate all you put into it. You are one of those people who always deliver more than you promise, and this was no exception. We would highly recommend anyone in the same position to do the same, and see how things change and how business flows in, in a very short space of time."

Denise Levy, Ginger & Lime, Cape Town Productions

"Our office environment felt stifling everything seemed to go wrong and energy levels were nonexistent. Workers were feeling down, argumentative and were non productive. I had the idea to have a cleansing done and contacted Tamar, when we met at our office I immediately felt comfortable with them and knew we were on the same wavelength. They spent a few hours in the complex and chatted to me about what material changes they thought should be made as well, and later sent me a detailed report. On the Monday when we were all back at work one could immediately feel the change – it all felt lighter! We all got stuck in clearing up and doing a daily disposal of old paperwork etc , tidying up our office areas,  moving furniture around, and getting rid of unnecessary stuff. I highly recommend the process as it will produce a positive outcome as you will also experience a mindset change."

Louise Raciti, Raciti Construction 

"Thank you so much. I have given what you’ve said a lot of thought and will definitely adhere to some of your suggestions re. change in some of the spaces. I do feel an inner calm that I haven’t felt in a while and will concentrate on all the positive elements, love and beauty in my life. Thank you for your assistance. I agree that it starts within. You and Berto helped me to get out of the rut and take control of choices again. I do choose to embrace all the good in my life and spend my energy in those areas."
Zelna Albert, Canonberg Lifestyle Estate

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