Welcome to the Souk

Souq (plural souqs) A street market, particularly in Arabic- and Somali-speaking countries; a place where people buy and sell goods. Synonyms: bazaar, market, street market, emporium, mart, forum, agora.


Welcome to The Souk


We love to travel to exotic and interesting destinations. How we have missed the magical sights, sounds and feelings of an ancient Souk. In many ancient cultures the word Souk is used to describe the place where you can buy, exotic artisanal products like carpets, fabrics, lamps, jewellery, incense and spices.  What most souks have in common is that products are made by artisans that have been working in family lineages for centuries. Producing beautiful handcrafted products for their own homes but also for the marketplace. The wisdom how to create these products are carried over from one generation to another.


Because we miss travelling so much we decided to apply our creative skills in developing artisanal products with a hint of energetic resonance. And the result is our Online Souk and our home-based Studio Souk. 


Studio Souk will only open by appointment. Here you can view paintings, products, furniture and visit our Crystal garden.( big amethyst pieces at the moment)


We specialise in creating, making, sourcing and selling goods with an opulent exotic touch. Product that we use in our own home. Both Tamar and Berto have studied design in many different formats and we are quite pedantic about quality.


The Souk